The Brain Injury Association of York Region is committed to helping individuals, and their loved ones, who are dealing with an acquired a brain injury.
Our focus is to provide awareness, education and advocacy.


Awareness helps caregivers and spouses gain more insight into the changes that their loved ones have encountered, as well as they changes that they will continue to undergo, so that they can become better-equipped to provide the best support possible.



Learning more about acquired brain injury and what’s involved is important for caregivers and loved ones. Education helps foster quality of life for everybody.



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Our goal is to provide support for all families dealing with acquired brain injury. Whatever assistance that’s needed, we will provide all the support that’s required to help maximize quality of life.

BIAYR’s History

In the mid 1990’s a group of survivors and caregivers founded what would eventually become the Brain Injury Association of York Region (BIAYR) as we know it today.

A small group, they had been attending sessions in Toronto and soon recognized a need for support groups for local communities in York Region. With encouragement and support from local organizations and families, the founding members of BIAYR created 3 groups aimed to help survivors, caregivers and skills development.

  • The Activity Group met weekly to play board games, cards and to practice or relearn social skills.
  • The Survivor Group met monthly to provide support to others with similar issues, to give or take advice or to simply socialize.
  • The Caregiver Group met monthly for peer support and socializing.

Fast forward to today, BIAYR is incorporated and is now a registered charity that helps a countless number of survivors and their families. Our association and support groups are proudly run by a team of dedicated volunteers – dedicated people who are truly the backbone of our organization.