BIAYR provides a variety services to help individuals and their loved ones learn how to cope with an Acquired Brain Injury.

Our events, activities and support groups provide helpful resources, techniques, strategies, coping suggestions, and most of all, a forum for communication and support.

Support Groups

We offer support groups that provide a compassionate atmosphere and unite individuals who are learning how to live with an Acquired Brain Injury.

A monthly gathering is available for survivors of brain injury, their caregivers as well as family members.  Everyone is encouraged to attend these group sessions as they enable survivors to share their common experiences and support one another.

Please visit our calendar to learn more about upcoming support groups.


We hold events to create opportunities for increased awareness, education, and advocacy for those who have acquired a brain injury. Our initiatives give caregivers, spouses and the community at large an opportunity to gain more insight into the experiences of their loved so that they can best support them.

Please visit our calendar to learn more about upcoming events.